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Be Warned

Dear friends!
Recently a fake reviews about our cattery appeared on several websites.
This is the work of one person.
Let me introduce, this is Maria, she is from Florida.


In December 2018-January 2019, Maria wanted to buy a bambino kitten from our cattery.
The fact is that the kitten’s price was $ 2,000, but Maria begged to sell her this kitten for $ 500.
Every customer is important to us, and we really tried to help her to get a kitten she liked, offered a discount, politely replied to her messages for two months, sent more than 50 pictures and videos of the kitten she wanted to buy, but Maria rejected all our offers and disappeared.
A week later, she posted fake reviews.

In particular, she wrote that we have published too many kittens on our website, from this she concluded that these kittens do not belong to us and we resell kittens.
To this we can answer that we have a very large cattery. More than 20 females and 10 males as our breeders, their pictures you can always find on our website. Also in our cattery there are 10 employees who care for our kittens, feed them, clean them. We also have 2 veterinarians on staff who help us take delivery. Therefore, we can allow to have a large number of litters, even more than 15 litters in 5 months. New litters are born every week.

She also claims that our cattery is not registered with TIСA.
This is another lie from this lady.
Let's see what the official TIСA website thinks about this:

Screenshot_2019-04-23 Catteries.png

She also says that we do not give a guarantee on the kitten's health.
Another lie.
All our producers have good health and are tested every year, including HCM.
We give one year guarantee on the kitten's health from the moment of purchase.

Also we provide the guarantee for the kitten replacement in case of a positive diagnosis of the animal for HCM at the age of 1 year.

Our cattery was founded in 2007.
Since then we have shipped more than 200 kittens to the U.S. and Canada.
Some of them you can see

In conclusion, we would like to ask you not to pay attention to envious people like Maria. God is her judge.

References from our real buyers available upon request.

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